Liturgical Vesture of Distinction w/ Br. Emmanuel Morinelli, OCSO

For the Sacred Liturgy w/ Fr. James Palmigiano, OCSO

Archdiocese of Philadelphia - Bishop's Ordination

Diocese of Harrisburg - Bishop's Installation

Our Tradition

The Holy Rood Guild: History, Quality, Tradition

The Spirituality of Vesture

The Sacred in the Ordinary

From Our Work Rooms

A Luxuriance of Fine Details


Fr. Vincent Rogers, OCSO
Fr. Vincent's Ordination and First Mass - May 29-30, 2010 - St. Joseph's Abbey

Archdiocese of Denver
The Holy Rood Guild produced the vesture used by the Archdiocese of Denver during their ordination ceremony of May 16, 2009. (Photos: James Baca - Denver Catholic Register).

Archdiocese of Baltimore
The Holy Rood Guild produced a matching set of chasubles and dalmatics for the Archdiocese of Baltimore for the occasion of the dedication of the new altar at the restored Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Fr. Cameron's First Mass
The Holy Rood Guild works with many graduating seminarians as they prepare for their first Mass and produced the chasuble and matching understole for Fr. Cameron's first Mass. (images ©


May Is Mary's Month

Of Lilies and Chasubles by Fr. James Palmigiano, OCSO

Prayer Has Become Music by Br. Emmanuel Morinelli, OCSO

Notes 1 - Incense by Fr. James Palmigiano, OCSO

Notes 2 - Albs by Fr. James Palmigiano, OCSO

Notes 3 - Processional Cross by Fr. James Palmigiano, OCSO