Customer Service

Our Guarantee

With careful handling, storage and cleaning, following garment care instructions, The Holy Rood Guild products will retain their beauty and usefulness for many years. Should The Holy Rood Guild deem that a manufacturing or material defect has caused one of our products to fail within one year of purchase date, we will gladly repair or replace the product at no charge.

Exchanges and Returns

We accept exchanges or returns on all stock items - stoles pictured on this web site, plain chasubles, Nazareth, Cloisters and Canterbury chasuble sets, Worcester Knit albs, altar linens and vessels - within 30 days of invoicing, provided they have not been used, damaged or soiled. Please return by insured carrier with a note of explanation. Exchanges or returns of all other items require prior authorization.

Payment Policy

Full payment is required on all web orders. Online payment may be made by VISA or MASTERCARD.

If you would prefer to pay a 50% deposit on an order over $300 please order by phone - 508-885-8750 or toll free 866-383-7292. Phone payment may be made by CHECK, VISA or MASTERCARD.

Delivery Schedule and Carrier

Items from our catalog will be shipped by UPS ground service according to the following schedule, counting from the day the order is processed:

  • 1-2 days: Incense, Chrism, altar linens and vessels.
  • 8-10 weeks: All dalmatics, sets.
  • 10-12 weeks: Most concelebration and plain stoles, plain chasubles, Nazareth, Cloisters and Canterbury chasuble sets, Worcester Knit concelebration albs, altar linens and vessels. Normally 10-12 week delivery for designed vestments, custom designs and altar vesture.
  • 11-12 weeks: Chasubles.

Shipping is by UPS, regular surface routing. UPS requires a street address and cannot deliver to a post office box.

See Shipping Charges.

Shipping Charges

Value of Order Weight (lbs) USA Other North America Rest of the World
$51 - $100 1-2 $13 $16 $25
$101 - $400 3-4 $18 $38 $55
$401 - $800 4-7 $22 $42 $60
$800 and over 5-12 $27 $52 $72

How to Read our Invoices

Prepayments and Invoice payments will appear on your invoice together with the date and payment means (CK...check; MC...MasterCard; etc.). After your products are shipped to you, normally on the weekend, we will process an invoice. This invoice will apply your exisiting prepayment, thus lowering your balance accordingly for the items which were shipped to you. If your prepayments exceed the cost of the goods shipped to you, you will have a credit balance and this will be noted on your invoice. Thereafter as goods are shipped to you, a new invoice will be generated. Any remaining credit balance will be used up first, and when this is exceeded, a balance due will begin to appear.

Please keep all the invoices you receive from us, for this paper trail will help explain the state of your account.

Other Important Policies

There are times when our suppliers discontinue fabric lines. This is something we do not have control over. The Holy Rood Guild reserves the right to make substitutions for fabrics or materials when necessary.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

The Holy Rood Guild

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